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Check out some of the many ways I use my Premium Starter Kit oils

Check out some of the many ways I use my Premium Starter Kit oils

I love helping people bring a new way of life into their homes and showing them how simple it can be to switch out some of the old supermarket staples for a better alternative that is safer for them and their family. 

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Here is just a few ways I use my premium starter kit oils: 


  • before and after sport to support the muscles
  • apply topically with V6 carrier oil or make a sports balm 
  • great around the neck and bottom the head for support when things are tight in that area


  • think all things respiratory
  • when you need a good nights rest and it is hard to breathe then diffuse
  • I love a hot compress with a face washer and drops of RC
  • I have started to make chest rubs for easy application on the chest and back of the kids and us when we are congested


  • replaces room sprays especially in the toilets and car
  • supports the skin when it has blemishes - just a drop will do
  • combats every odour you can imagine - check out my room spray ideas


  • the perfect companion for the tummy, ideal after eating too much
  • roll on the solar plexus (between the navel and chest) before public speaking
  • amazing in the car diffuser on long trips


  • a great mood elevator - rub on the chest
  • I add a drop to my moisturizers for my face before applying
  • excellent for everyday stress - pop a drop on the temples to calm a racing mind


  • diffuse for a calming effect
  • promotes a restful nights sleep
  • mix with V6 carrier oil for a soothing skin mix
  • add to epsom salts for a relaxing bath treat


  • inhale a drop in the palm of your hand for an energy boost
  • make a cooling mist spray for hot days
  • great for a pre workout boost 
  • add to treats - Young Living culinary oil approved only


  • excellent for spot cleaning pen off furniture (test first)
  • great to add a drop to the dishwasher
  • diffuse when studying or you need to concentrate
  • excellent in cooking - Young Living culinary oil approved


  • a beauty tool for the skin, add a drop to your daily moisturizer
  • inhale or diffuse to uplift your mood
  • love to add a drop to around my eyes 

Stress Away

  • well the name says it all, simply pop a rollerball on the top and use as you need too
  • as a mum to busy boys you can never have enough Stress Away
  • simply roll on your wrists to relax
  • diffuse for a calming environment
  • makes a great bath salts mix


  • diffuse for family wellness
  • I love to add to a roller ball with V6 carrier oil and pop on the soles of the feet
  • makes a great home cleaner in a spray bottle on door handles etc
  • add a few drops to bicarb and water for a powerhouse shower scrub
  • mix with water and witch hazel in a mist spray bottle for a hand cleaning mist.

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