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Why would you choose a low tox lifestyle for you and your family?

Why would you choose a low tox lifestyle for you and your family?

For me it was because I wanted to be the one that made smart and well educated decisions on the health and wellbeing of my children, there future families and for myself and my husband. 

Now the good news is we can make make changes for our future, at our own pace and in ways that you choose. I can help you with that as well and it would be an honor for me to be a part of your lifestyle choice changes too. 

This video is a real eye opener and I strongly suggest you watch it and share this post with others too.

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We can all change the world one home at a time if we share what we learn with others and make daily changes to how we live in our environment. 

It can be as simple as the cleaners we use in our homes and the skin care we use on their little bodies as well as ours. Welcome Thieves Household Cleaner into your home, cleans all your home naturally. 

Many products claim to be natural , the term greenwashing is when you see terms used to mean they are marketed as natural but in reality they contain very little natural ingredients at all. Products on the supermarket shelves in the cleaning isle may use terms like natural, botanical or eco on the label but they may only have a few natural ingredients and may even contain ingredients that wouldn't be permitted on organic certified natural products which is very misleading for us,the customer.  

thieves household cleaner australia | ditch and switch your chemical household cleaners for natural cleaning

Babies touch everything that they can when they are learning to crawl, walk and explore the world they live in and then,  they put those precious little fingers in their mouths. 

Think about that for a moment.

We bleach our floors and then we pop  our babies down to crawl,  we clean our coffee tables with sprays and they use that to help them stand and then they put their fingers in their mouths.

And then we clean our kitchen benches with chemical cleaners and then we prepare food on them and then we feed that food to our children and ourselves.

Now think about your baby crawling around on your floor, and you know the floor is clean because you washed it with disinfectant and then the skin that comes in contact with those chemicals like bleach absorb all of the constituents of the products that they touching now this isn't something I thought about much is a mum when my boys were little in fact I thought that if I bleached my home that it would be clean and safe for my little one but I soon learned better and I'm grateful that someone shared what they knew with me so that I could make sure that for the future I could influence the environment that our family lives in to my knowledge.

Start the journey with a Healthy Home Premium Starter Kit and add the Healthy Kids Essential Rewards Bundle too. 

toxic free children's shampoo and body lotion | young living australia | ningxia red juice

Now consider yourself for a moment. 

How many products to do you even before midday? Deodorant, body wash, hand wash, hair care, face creams and cleansers and the list goes on. 

Click on the image below and see how the average woman uses 515 synthetic chemicals on their body every day. 

the real cost of beauty - life a low tox lifestyle for lifelong health

And then there is all the things in our home and work environments too!

Thank goodness the answer is easy, we can simply ditch and switch our products. 

One of the most simple switches you can make in your home is to remove man made fragrances like plug ins and candles - instead use the gorgeous Young Living lantern diffuser and your favourite essential oils, your home will smell amazing and the benefits of the oils will be long lasting. 

young living lantern diffuser | young living australia | young living diffuser

I have a few suggestions in other blog posts and then together we can come up with a plan to suit you. Suit your budget, your lifestyle and your family. 

Contact me today and we can have a chat. Message me on Facebook or send me an email at 

You can get started simply with a Premium Starter Kit - my favourite is the Healthy Home which contains a Desert Mist Diffuser and the Thieves Household Cleaner.

desert mist diffuser australia | young living premium starter kits with thieves household cleaner

There is a large variety of Young Living Starter Kits to choose from to make your switch to a low tox lifestyle. 


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