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Essential Oil Linen Sprays

Essential Oil Linen Sprays using pure oils from Young Living.

Nothing beats the scent of fresh linens and newly picked flowers in the vase scenting the home but there is an easy way to have a change of seasons and emotions then you can with linen sprays or room sprays. 

I use one simple recipe for my linen and room sprays and change the essential oils that I add to create my own scents and favourite blends. 

Linen and room sprays can transform any indoor space in the home with fresh scents and clearing stale air. Essential oils not only help make the home smell fresh and amazing but smelling essential oils is a fabulous way to gain the therapeutic effects that aromatherapy offers.

We take these blends with us when we can't travel with a diffuser and keep one in the car for smells and insect relief too. I love to use a purification for smells and creepy crawlies, lavender for the sleeping bags and bedding, peppermint to cool the body down and put on the back of the neck for head stress.  

The recipe is easy and designed for our 250ml sized bottles with mist sprays - you can find them here.

My new favourite blend is lavender and spearmint, the lavender is calming and creates a relaxed atmosphere and the spearmint is fresh and invigorates the clear mind. 

Recipe for my linen and room sprays:
250ml bottle with mist spray top
approx 1 tablespoon of witch hazel

and then I add approx 20-30 drops of pure essential oils and fill with demineralised water.

Add the mist spray onto the bottle and a pretty label and place around the home. 

We have these little bottles of scent everywhere - one in each toilet and one in each bathroom. In the toilets we use purification and lemon or citrus fresh - guaranteed to remove all smells from the grout and toilet area.pure lemon essential oil on afterpay - great in drinks, cooking and for homework timepurification essential oil on afterpay - life in oils - great for getting rid of odours

The children have them in their bedrooms - lavender is a great one for spraying the bed linen before bedtime for a night of sweet dreams.

pure essential oil lavender on afterpay - great for sleep and children

In our bedroom I have some of my favourites - I love clary sage and ylang ylang.

To help you get started and inspired to experiment with blends of your own to create your own signature linen blends use our recipes below:

Summer Recipe Ideas: 

For summertime I love citrus oils mixed with just about anything - the scent is so refreshing and cleansing in the air. 
Some of my favourites to use are lemon, tangerine, orange, juniper, grapefruit and bergamot.

Summer Spice - lime, lemon, clove and cardamom

Summer Holiday - cypress, grapefruit and chamomile 

Mountain Breeze - cypress, lavender and lemon

Mint Fresh - lemon, peppermint and orange

Summer Dreaming - sandalwood, grapefruit and orange

I suggest you mix in the drops as you like the scents and mix to suit. 

 linen and room sprays using essentail oils on afterpay

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