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Follow my training trip aboard the Royal Caribbean’s 5-star ship Explorer of the Sea

Melinda Smylie

Follow my training trip aboard the Royal Caribbean’s 5-star ship Explorer of the Sea

I never thought I would ever have a networking marketing business to be perfectly honest. I already have a successful business, 2 young boys and a husband that works long enough hours to see him leave before we get up in the morning and get home late.

Around 15 months ago from writing today I went to the lovely home of an acquaintance of a customer to hear more about essential oils - to be frank I was only after something I could have for the scent in our shop as I didn’t want nasty chemical candles waxes or plug in as we have lots of pregnant mums and new babies in our store. So safe was important but mainly the smells themselves. 

Little did I know the amazing health benefits of certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils. I am learning more every day about how they support the health of all my family members and so much more. Every month I add a new oil to my monthly order and learn all I can about it and how it benefits us.

So when my amazing supportive upline called me just after New Years to let me know I had the opportunity to go aboard this Australian training session on bard a luxury cruise I really was certain I had made the right choice to build a business with Young Living. 

The business side of Young Living has enriched my life with some amazing new friendships, genuine people that share the same values as me about removing toxic chemicals from their homes, support their health and give their family the best in pure products. 

The support and tribe feel of the team I am in is amazing and more then I could have expected and largely the reason why I feel so comfortable with the business side of Young Living. I know the opportunity is there for meaningful connections, residual income and now I have discovered travel too !

2018 is going to my year to achieve, dream and treat every day as a gift. If I can find ways to connect more with those I love that will be such a blessing, find time to be alone and reflect is definetly something I have not done since having my first son nearly 8 years ago. Both my children are at school this year so I can super keen to send some time alone. 

Stay tuned for more as I plan to board the boat in just 9 days! 

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