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How to apply Vinyl Labels for your essential oil DIY projects

Melinda Smylie

How to apply Vinyl Labels for your essential oil DIY projects

The vinyl labels for your DIY projects make them look super special and you can personalise the blends you make and share with others. 

Application is easy:
1. clean the surface area of the bottle you wish to place the label on using an alcohol wipe you can get from your local pharmacy.
2. carefully using a card push down on the label to ensure it has adhered to the clear cover adequately. 
3. gently remove the backing off the label
4. place down on the cleaned surface and remove the clear film.
5. take care not to get essential oils or carrier oil on the label as it can cause damage and we will not replace labels once they have been removed from the backing film.
6. these vinyl labels are designed as a single use and cannot be removed and placed on other bottles once taken off the backing film.

To see the video on how to apply the labels please visit our Facebook Page - Life In Oils


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