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Life In Oils | Essential Oils DIY Body Wash

Life In Oils | Essential Oils DIY Body Wash

I love the Young Living range of bath and body care but I also love making DIY Body Wash blends with my kids using Young Living pure essential oils. We can change up the blends when we feel like it and the kids really enjoy the DIY side of things too.

I have always been concerned about generic supermarket brand body care products and their list of ingredients that I couldn't pronounce let alone know what short or long term effect they could have on my growing boys and us too. I was especially cautious of "natural" products on the supermarket shelves too - there is no requirement for companies to list the ingredients used in full on the bottle and what is "fragrance" made of anyway? A natural fragrance made in a laboratory is not really natural in my eyes. 

My simple body wash recipe contains basic ingredients and we know what is in them too! You do not need to be a scientists to work what is in the wash you make and that is great for anyone wanting a clean natural , non toxic lifestyle. 

make your own natural nontoxic body wash with essential oils | young living and doterra on afterpay australia

Now, using the amber foam pump bottle means lots of "suds and bubbles" come out for the kiddies but they are not actually using much of the product so it lasts forever! Just don't tell them - shhhh #mumsecrets

The benefits of your own homemade body wash will astound you for the cost and effort which is minimal. It is very cleansing and will wash away germs while nourishing your skin with the carrier oils and then use an essential oil blend that might wake you up or make you sleepy! That choice is yours .....

My Life In Oils DIY Body Wash Mix

1.Mix your oils first. In the 375ml foaming soap pump bottle I add approximately 20 drops in total of Young Living pure essential oils. For a list of my blend recommendations see below.
Gently swirl the oils together. 

2.Then add:

  • 4 tablespoons glycerin - not necessary but great for moisture in the hands
  • 3 tablespoons oil - like YL V6 or almond or your carrier oil of choice.

Mix this blend together gently.

3. Add 1/2 cup castile soap and combine.

4. Fill the foaming pump bottle to the top with demineralised or filtered water.
make your own natural nontoxic body wash with essential oils | young living and doterra on afterpay australia

DIY Body Wash Blend Ideas




  1. 10 drops lavender & 10 drops Rosemary
  2. 10 drops Orange & 10 drops Peppermint
  3. 10 drops Ylang Ylang & 10 drops Cedarwood
  4. 7 drops Geranium, 7 drops Lavender & 7 drops Lime
  5. 20 drops Peace & Calming
  6. 5 drops Orange, 5 drops Lemon , 5 drops Lime & 5 drops Grapefruit
  7. 7 drops Bergamot, 7 drops Stress Away & 7 drops Orange

 To simplify your recipe, you can use the  Young Living bath and shower gel base and add your prefered mix of young living essential oils.

I have updated my body wash and made a video on our facebook page - you can view it here

Do not add salt to these foaming hand wash bottles as it may clog the dispenser. 

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Young Living Australia | Young Living Essential Oils Australia

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