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My favourite summer time face serum DIY style!

My favourite summer time face serum DIY style using pure essential oils from Young Living and some carrier oils to suit my skin type and age.

My favourite oils for my after sun skin serum are frankincense, myrrh, ylang ylang, carrot seed, lavender and helichrysum. 

My favourite carrier oils to add to the mix are jojoba, rosehip and argan - the amounts are never quite the same each time I make the mix but I love the luxurious feeling after a day at the beach surfing with my boys and a cool shower to wash away that salty vibe. 

Why do I use what I use - here is what I have learnt and know from using the oil.

Frankincense is rejuvenating for skin. The king of the essential oil world with it assisting in reducing long term sun damage and age spots on my face. I also just love the scent and find it really calming on my soul. 

Myrrh is great as a anti inflammatory aid, reduces those fine lines that are showing up on my face as I grow old gracefully and happily. It is also a good one for using to balance the skin tones and improve elasticity and heal the skin. The drying effects of the salt water can batter the skin on my face and I find this oil is wonderful for helping it spring back into shape!

Ylang Ylang what can I say? The smell is so romantic, I love to use it for the scent alone. It also is great for the complexion and helps restore a youthful glow to the skin too. You can add patchouli too for its wonderful scent. 

Carrot Seed oil is a fav of mine, I first received it as a freebie with an essential rewards order and had no idea at first what to do with it. I spent some time with Dr Google and good ol Pinterest and soon learnt what a powerful essential oil this one can be. This is a great skin restorer and marvelous for marks on the skin as well as toning and nourishing. 

Lavender - well hello swiss army knife, is there anything this oil can't do. The smell is lovely and relaxing but I know that is also regenerating my skin too. 

Helichrysum is one oil you should keep in your oily toolbag. It boosts circulation (like cypress) and soothes the skin while healing and protecting it at the same time. Can be used to fade scars, good on skin blemishes and stretch marks too. The antioxidant power of this oil is helpful for reducing the free radical damage to the skin. 

Now in terms of carrier oils you can use what suits you best for your skin type. The Young Living V6 is a great one to get started with - perfect to make a start on your DIY projects and versatile for all recipes. 

I love jojoba oil (Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oils) for most of my bases, I find it is so easily absorbed into my skin. I really love to add very moisture rich carrier oils as well as my skin is slowly aging and I feel like it needs the extra moisture. So I also add in Rosehip ( Rosa Eglanteria Seed Oil) and Argan (Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil) oils as well. I use maybe 1/3 of each and am not too precious about measuring it all out. Now from my research the Rosehip oil is good for scars and to balance skin tones and the Argan oil is for sun damaged skin as well as being high in Vitamin E and fatty acids so the soothing combination of these is much needed for my daily sun drenched skin! Now my hair of course benefits from the Mirah™ Lustrous Hair Oil


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