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My natural toilet fizzies with pure essential oils

I am a mum to boys and the toilet aea can be pretty wild at times! Not only is there toilet humor a lot in our home but there is always mess on the toilet floor and the bowl gets a beating too! 

I don't enjoy going down the hall and seeing a messy bathroom or toilet in the boys area but I have to live with that for now, they are only young. But one thing I can change is the smell in that area. A good old natural toilet spray is my number one tip for mums. I will share that later. 

The second weapon I have for the toilet bowl freshener is a natural homemade toilet fizzie. They are simple, they use simple ingredients and they are a great way to add an extra clean scent to your toilet in between cleans.

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natural toilet fizzies with pure essential oils | young living on afterpay

I use purification and lemon (or orange) in my toilet fizzies - these 2 oils are found in your healthy home premium starter kits and are a great way to get to know the power of pure essential oils.


Toilet Fizzy Recipe
1 cup bicarb
1 cup citric acid
approx 30 drops of essential oils
spray of water - I use a mist spray or my premade thieves household cleaner
silicone moulds - like ice cube trays which I find are a great size

I buy my bulk bicarbonate soda from Honest To Goodness

1. Combine the bicarb and citric acid in bowl and mix to combine

2. Slowly drop your essential oils into the mix, I stir as I add them to evenly distribute through the dry ingredients. 

3. Add water very slowly to prevent as much fiz as you can at this stage. I prefer ti to use a spray bottle or my thieves household cleaner for this. Spray slowly to wet the mixture enough to bind it together.

4.  Scoop out the mix and place in the silicon moulds. Press them in firmly with the back of a spoon.

5. I leave mine to dry out, sometimes this is only a few hours on a hot day but in the cooler months it may be overnight. You want them to be dry so they stay firm before each use.

6. Carefully pop them out of the moulds. Store in a dry air tight container for use.

I place one in my toilet and close the lid and let them sit. They fizz well and the scent is great and leaves a clean fresh smell in the toilet. A gentle scrub is all that you need to do next and I know the toilet is clean ready for when the boys get home from school. I try and do it early in the morning so I feel like I have gotten at least a few hours of a clean house before life and action begins again for the afternoon #mumlife

I prefer all natural methods of cleaners in our home. What I don't like about the other kind of supermarket or so called "green" options is that we don't really know what is in them , especially any that are fragranced. What we do know though is many of the ingredients can be harmful to our long term health and short term the toxic smells alone can be bad for our respiratory system. 

Some of the cleaners to really avoid are bleach, fragrances like room sprays and the like. I must prefer a toxin free option for all my cleaning products like the thieves household cleaner which can actually replace every cleaning product in your home naturally.

The natural pure essential oils I choose are for their disinfecting, antiseptic, and deodorising properties, these toilet bombs are easy to make, smell fresh, and work really well in a natural way which I love!

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I buy my many of my DIY extra ingredients from Honest To Goodness - they have bulk options for many of the ingredients I use which is a great way to DIY and save money too. 



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