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My top tips on getting the best night sleep you can - from one used to be tired mumma to another mum

Melinda Smylie

My top tips on getting the best night sleep you can

Have you noticed how once motherhood arrives you are always tired and never free to rest or do something for yourself? Well at least for me, once I found out I was pregnant late 2009 I never have had a good night's rest or even a night of sleep without interruption. Well that is until recently. 

There are a couple of reasons that changed! Not all are because of the massive changes we made in diet and the use of essential oils but they have certainly helped.

My children, boys, are now 8 and 6 and both sleep most nigts all the way through. Mostly 10-11 hours of sleep and I go to bed earlier then I used too so I get an extra hour or so more then I have had in 10 years. 

But my eldest son has never been a "good sleeper" and now is much better thanks to the change in his diet and routine but also playing with essential oils that resonate with his body and soul and some great natural nutritional support from Young Living and Ningxia Red.

People who say they sleep like a baby, usually don't have one. Leo J. Burke

It is well documented that when you continually get too little sleep you also have trouble with other daily activities too like you cannot concentrate as well, have a may have a weaker immune system and often eat more calories more a day.

Regular exercise, good food  and plenty of rest are the key. 

But what if you have trouble sleeping? What if you mind is busy and your thinking and you just can't switch off?

1. Get outdoors and get some sun and fresh air.

There is nothing better than fresh air and some sunshine every day. The vitamin D is great for us all and if we can avoid taking in a capsule that is cool! The fresh air makes us feel alive! You will feel wide awake outside and then on the evening a more relaxed sleepy feeling will be easier to achieve. . 

2. Keep exercising.

Exercise is the hardest one I find to add into my day, Mum life is busy and finding time for you can be hard. I do most of my exercise with the kids - maybe a walk to the beach, kicking the footy or riding our bikes, Ever little bit helps and working out definitely improved the quality of my sleep. Plenty of quality exercise is also the key to helping my boys sleep better and perform better at school too. I found them to be less moody and less overtired. Win - Win for mumma bear.

3. No caffeine in the afternoon!

There is not much to say about that! Up until very very very recently I was a minimum 3 cups to start the day girl. I am slowly detoxing myself off the coffee train and moving to herbal tea and more Ningxia Red smoothies - the benefits are amazing and I am falling asleep better and more importantly not getting the mid afternoon slumps like I used too. And on a side note, losing some belly fat in the process from not so much milk! And an extra benefit I had not even considered is the brighter teeth too - no more caffeine stains. 

4. Create the calm before bedtime environment for all the family.

Not having dinner late is good - no big hearty meat meals that the body struggles to digest and therefore struggles to rest. Turning off the super bright lights and having some calm low lamp light is nice, and a bit romantic if that's your thing.

 Lots of families swear by a bedtime routine for their kiddies. Ours is simple - clean the teeth, add an oil to their bedroom diffusers and some music! That works amazing for my boys. They will often now read a story in their own beds too - which only started once they learnt to read otherwise it was s story from us. If I find they haven't drifted off after 15 minutes or so a quick little foot massage with lavender works a treat. Here are some of our winners are grinners bedtime diffuser ideas : 

  • Sacred Mountain & Orange
  • Gentle Baby
  • Rutavala
  • Peace & Calming
  • Cedarwood , Lavender and Orange
  • Lavender, Bergamot, Frankincense & Cedarwood

For me and my bedtime routine - I love a warm / hot shower a lot! I find it really calming, then when I hop out I have a wonderful body mist of either cel-lite oil or the lavender body moisturiser and I smother myself in the goodness, it is a treat for my skin and I find it relaxing. I apply my favourite oils as well - more on that here.

5. Turn OFF the busy mind - stop thinking! 

Getting the mind to calm down is no easy thing to do - we have so much going on in life today and so many things to keep track of, especially once we become a parent. Some mediation is nice and I try that often but sometimes I really just can't be bothered! I have a variety of oils I use to calm me down and stop my thoughts of a night. I love Peace & Calming - works for me every single time in the diffuser.



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