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Roll On and Diffuser Essential Oil Blend Ideas

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Roll On and Diffuser Essential Oil Blend Ideas

You have found your way to a healthier lifestyle with pure essential oils. We love Young Living, if you would like to see why they are one of the best pure essential oil companies in the world in our eyes please check out the Seed To Seal Video,  it truly sets Young Living apart from all the others. 

Now that you have your Premium Starter Kit you will be wanting some ideas for rollerball roll-on blends and diffuser blends too.

For our roller blends we use a 10ml Amber rollerball as our base unit of measure. Check out our dilution ratio suggestions for age groups and also do your own research, these are a guide only. We suggest using the Young Living V6 for your carrier oil, but feel free to use a prefered liquid carrier oil, as pure or organic as possible is best.

Roller Ball Roll-On Blends 

Ouch-IE  : 10 drops lavender & 10 drops frankincense

Happy Tummy : 20 drops peppermint & 10 drops digize

Chilling Out : 10 drops of frankincense & 5 drops of lavender & 10 drops of stress away

 Roll In The Grass : 10 drops peppermint & 10 drops lavender & 10 drops lemon

Healthy Gal : 20 drops thieves & 5 drops frankincense & 5 drops lemon

Wake Me Up :  10 drops lemon & 10 drops peppermint


Diffuser Blends - Create your own spa like experience 

Pick Me Up :  4 drops stress away & 5 drops lemon & 4 drops peppermint

Springtime : 3 drops lavender & 3 drops lemon & 3 drops peppermint

Count Sheep : 5 drops lavender & 5 drops stress away

No More Bad Day : 4 drops peppermint & 6 drops stress away

Yummy Pie : 3 drops lemon & 6 drops lime & 4 drops stress away


Why buy pure Young Living essential oils? I love them because I trust the purity and quality of the oils, when you use them you really notice a difference in your well being - emotionally and physically. 

So many people are hearing more about and are intrigued by essential oils nowadays and the perfect way to start is with our essential oils 101 class.

 learn more about essential oils | young living pure therapeutic grade essential oils

It is awesome because it is FREE!

Check out the range of Premium Starter Bundles - this is the most economical way to get started with pure essential oils. You get 11 pure oils, diffuser and a couple of really amazing products including ningxia red sachets and the hand purifier with Thieves. 


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