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Ways To Use Your Young Living Pure Lavender Oil

Melinda Smylie

Ways To Use Your Young Living Pure Lavender Oil

This one is truly a must for every home.  There is simply so much you can do with it.

Most essential oils you can buy are only “perfume quality” and are only to be used in aromatherapy and many are not even supposed to touch your skin!  Well, lavender is one of biggest in this “perfume” category.  You'll see lavender this, that and the other on the shelves of your favourite stores.  But don't be fooled, because it is nearly 100% sure there is not much, if any, real lavender plant in that product.  If you are not familiar with Young Living's quality difference, please take a moment and look at this SEED TO SEAL

  1. Nothing beats a relaxing bath, no matter your age! I put my empty lavender bottles into a bag of magnesium salts and allow the crystals to soak up the last drops of precious lavender oils from the lid, bottle and orifice and then add the magnesium to our baths.
  2. Summer sun chaffing at the beach? Mix a couple of drops of Young Living pure lavender oil with some carrier oil into a roller ball - perfect to keep in the summer beach bag for sand chaff. 
  3. Sleepy Time - fill a spray bottle with Young Living pure lavender oil and demineralised water and spray onto linens at bed time. 
  4. In the kitchen - Lavender adds a twist of flavour to many dishes. Try it in your marinade, breads, cookies and more. Young Living pure lavender oil is an approved culinary oil. 
  5. Clear the mind - rub a drop of lavender oil onto temples and back of the to promote clarity.
  6. Forget the pan handle was still hot?   Dab some lavender oil onto the affected skin for relief.
  7. A drop of lavender on the bottoms of feet for a night of blissful sleep.
  8. Clean the mattresses - sprinkle 1 cup of baking soda and 10 drops of lavender oil mix onto the mattresses evenly, allow to sit for 1 hour and then vacuum away.

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