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Winding back the clock on wrinkles - my favourite face serum DIY with essential oils

Melinda Smylie

Winding back the clock on wrinkles - my favourite face serum DIY with essential oils

I love a rich face serum for my skin - I am almost 44 and I really feel like I need to start focusing on how to age gracefully.

This recipe is simple and easy and a natural way to take care of my face and prevent the fine lines from taking over as I get older. 

I simply pour rosehip oil and sometimes I add jojoba as well into a serum pump glass bottle - I do 50 ml at a time. A dropper bottle would also be ideal for this mix too. Whatever works best for you.

DIY face serum using essential oils on afterpay | young living pure esential oils

I use a rosehip oil - found at my local health food shop. I prefer organic if possible, the same with jojoba oil. Depending on the bottle it comes in, you can simply add the essential oils to that bottle. 

The oils I use are:
4 drops Geranium
4 drops Frankincense
4 drops Helichrysum
4 drops Sandalwood
4 drops Carrot Seed
You can also add Lavender.

The quantities suit me in a 50ml bottle of carrier oil. Feel free to make it to suit you. I use this a a guide and can sometimes change it up to suit what I have on hand and if I really feel like I need extra of something. I might add extra frankincense or helichrysum if I feel like I need extra help with skin colour or a mark or acne blemish from hormones.

Simply add the oils to the rosehip base, swirl it around to mix and then I use 1-2 pumps morning and night. I often use the mix alone in place of my usual moisturiser but in the dry months will put on my face after my toner. 

Now I am no beauty therapist but I understand that the oils help with the following skin concerns : broken capillaries, acne and dry skin. It also smells amazing which is lovely. People will comment on how healthy my skin is as well as how sweet I smell! I don't always wear a perfume ( I use lady Sclareol or Joy ) so this is a great substitute for the everyday wear. 

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