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Stress Away - as the name suggests, bring balance to your day!

Melinda Smylie

Stress Away - as the name suggests this amazing Essential Oil blend can help bring balance to your day!

The blend Stress Away is a signature scent of wellness from Young Living Australia. It can purchased in a Young Living Australia starter kit, in a 15ml bottle and as a roller as well. 

You will love the smell of Stress Away - it has natural delicious scents like Lime, Vanilla, Lavender, and more, it’s no surprise Stress Away™ essential oil blend is one of Young Living’s most popular products! It was a favourite when we brought our first Young Living Starter Kit , we popped the included rollerball top on the bottle and hubby and I both felt relaxed, chilled even with our crazy kids. Now both my boys use it too, it is especially great before a big day at school to settle the nerves.

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Young Living Diffuser - Dinoland & Reef - the ideal companion for in the children's bedrooms. 

You will find you can’t help but stop, take a deep breath, and relax, when you catch the citrus-sweet scent — even with the unfolded laundry, to-do list, and noisy children who surround you. The busyness of parenting can feel easier to tackle with the sweet smell of Stress Away in your pocket and in the Desert Mist diffuser too. 

young living stress away | stress away young living | young living stress away ingredients

You will not be amazed how calmer your day will feel once you see the wonderful ways you can add even more Stress Away goodness to your daily life with our tips that will make this blend one of your most-used essential oils!

I love to diffuse Stress away at any time of the day or night! Simply pop 4-5 drops into your Young Living diffuser and watch the calm fall upon the household. It is perfect in your favourite wood diffuser when you get home from a long day and take a moment to unwind, relax, or meditate. Having a relaxing moment to yourself can help you refocus your thoughts and remember to invest in the things you can control instead of the things you can’t control.

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One for the men! Care for your beard and add Stress Away to your beard oil and smell like you just got back from an adventure in an exotic locale. The woodsy, citrusy scent of Stress Away makes it a great neutral aroma that helps you stay fresh. Add a few drops to coconut oil to give your beard a shiny, smooth appearance!

Needing some inspiration? The fresh scent of Lime in Stress Away gives this blend an uplifting aroma that can inspire you while you play, work, or plan. Help clear a path for greater creativity and diffuse Stress Away at your work desk, in your crafting closet, or in the kitchen! Great for the children as well during homework time and we love it when we are reading stories to our boys.

Create some me time and unwind with spa time and add Stress Away to your steamy bath water or to an indulgent foot soak. It’s just the thing to help you calm down and soak up some relaxation after a long day of work or travel! Need more pampering? Pick up a pack of Stress Away Relaxing Bath Bombs for a fun, fizzy experience and a relaxing aroma.

Love your locks

The Cedarwood in Stress Away gives this blend a grounding, warm aroma that you’ll want to carry with you everywhere. Massage Stress Away into your scalp and hair, and you’ll enjoy the scent wafting around you throughout the day.

Create a sweet scent

Stress Away is unique because it’s the only Young Living essential oil blend that includes Vanilla. The extra sweetness of Vanilla makes this essential oil great for adding a sugary, sweet aroma to blends that smell like you just pulled a sweet treat out of the oven.

Take a getaway on the go

Not only does Stress Away come in our traditional essential oil bottles, it also comes in a convenient roller ball package, which means you can take the exotic scents of Lime, Vanilla, and Lavender anywhere! Keep this classic in your purse, bag, car, or desk and apply it to the nape of your neck and your temples when you’re overwhelmed by your to-do list.

Finally, Stress Away has been created with our seed to seal specifications ensuring the highest quality of product has been produced. Ready to dive deep into essential oil info? 

Want to know more about Young Living Essential Oils Australia? We have this great book available for you to view the entire range. 


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