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Accessories | Amber PET Starter Pack

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Accessories | Amber PET Starter Pack

Are you looking for a bottle set with is both strong and durable? In that case, you are looking for our Amber PET Starter Pack. This is one of the best PET bottle sets that you can buy if you would like to make up your own body care products or cleaning products.


Unlike other PET bottles, our bottles are not clear. The amber colored and tinted bottles will make sure your cleaning solutions will last longer. The color protects the ingredients from the sun which is essential when you have put a lot of effort into blending your solutions.


What Can You Put In Our PET Bottles?


Your Amber PET Starter Pack is perfect for blended essential oils and carrier oils as well. You can also use them when you are creating your own home-based cleaning and beauty products. A good investment set if you are thinking about making your own natural products at home.


There is a large range of additional amber bottles available on our website for more DIY with essential oils. 


Product benefits of the Amber PET Starter Pack:


- Amber color to protect your blend and mix


- Long Lasting


- 1 x 500ml Amber PET Trigger Spray Bottle


- 1 x 250ml Amber PET Trigger Spray Bottle


- 1 X 100ml Amber PET Mist Spray Bottle


- 1 x 375ml Amber PET Foaming Pump Bottle


- 5 x Glass 10ml Amber Rollerbottles

 essential oil bottles | aroma bottles | amber bottles | doterra australia

I use the 100ml spray amber bottle to make my own linen sprays - no nasty chemicals and you can change the scents to suit your mood. I love lavender for the children's bedrooms and in ours we often use ylang ylang essential oil


This is one of the most varied PET bottle sets you will find anywhere and offer excellent value for money. Place your order for our Amber PET Starter Pack today.


Order five sets and get a discount of 10%. When you order over 10 sets we will give you a 15 % off your order for total order for PET bottles.

I use the amber foam pump bottle for hand and natural homemade body wash - you can find some recipe ideas in our blog - My Mummy Meltdown.

Bottle shape may change from time to time. Glass may be substituted for PET if out of stock

For all your essential oils you view our Young Living essential oils range. To start your own essential oils wellness journey order a premium Young Living starter kit.

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