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Healing with Hemp and Q Sciences

The range from Q Sciences is a concentrated full spectrum hemp oil blend powered by BioAbsorb™ technology. The combination of flavonoids, terpenes, cannabinoids, phytocannabinoids provide a synergistic effect for many people.

To find out more about healing with hemp oil and to order direct from the US - order hemp oil here 

You can order as a one time customer or on monthly autoship or as an ambassador and turn your healing benefits into a side hustle or full time income. 

 The best way to find out more about the products is by talking it over. You can email us at Life In Oils and we can set up a time for you to chat. 

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What is the point of difference for Q Science?
Founded in 2012, the focus of the company is on improving the quality of your life in four main aspects:  time, freedom, flexibility, health.
You will find  Sciences in is established in US, Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand. The product range is scientifically-validated health and wellness products for all ages and they have the most comprehensive and fair compensation plan in the industry.

A Wellness Focus on Total Health and Nutrition.

The entire Q Sciences product range is scientifically proven to help with the following:

• Men & Women’s Health

• Sprays

• Hemp

• Cognitive Function

• Weight Management

• Brain Health

• Vascular Health

• Energy

• Sleep

• Digestive Health

• Relaxation

 Q Max - the ultimate in wellness and the cornerstone of Q Sciences

Q Sciences Products: Q MAX from Q Sciences on Vimeo.